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Simple Crafts Paper Flowers-cart

A DIY Crafts Paper Flowers-cart like this can be a gift in Valentine, Women’s Day or birthday for your girlfriend. It’s up to the topic that you can change the kind of flower you like on your crafts paper cart to make it suitable.
Crafts Paper Flowers-cart

Preparation to make the DIY Crafts Paper Flowers-cart: Hard paper, arcylic colors, colorful paper, white glue (Elmer glue), paper-knife.

How to make a Crafts Paper Flowers-cart:

Part 1: Make the body of the DIY paper cart:
paper crafts
Step 1: Cut the hard paper into the pieces with the size like in the picture to make the body for our paper-flowers cart.
DIY paper flowers cart
Step 2: Use the paper-knife to cut lightly to make slots on 4 cart walls to make them look like made from the wood. Cut small, long sticks then glue them on the cart walls.
crafts paper cart

Step 3: Glue and fit the walls and the bottom into a finishing cart body.
DIY paper toys

Step 4: Cut the paper into 2 small stick, make the hole like in the picture to make the place to attach the wheel.
Cut 2 long paper to make the handle for the DIY crafts paper flowers cart.

So you’ve done with the cart's body, you can paint the colors on it to look lovely and make it stable, stronger. You ought to come up with the theme of decoration to be suitable to each holiday like Valentine, Women’s Day, her birtday ...

Part 2: Making the wheels for handmade paper flowers cart:
how to made crafts flowers cart
Step 1: Stick the 2-sides glue on the papers, draw and cut out 8 circles with the inside diameter 7.5cm; the outside is 8cm. Stick the done 4 circles with each other, we’ll make a handmade wheel.
Crafts Paper Flowers-cart simple
Step 2: Cut the small piece with the size 4*0.5cm to make the spoke. Each spoke will need 8 piece like this. Cut a small circle, glue the spokes around, then cut 1 more circle like that and stick it on to cover the connect of the spokes. Do the same with other handmade wheel of our DIY paper flower cart.
crafts paper flowers
Step 3: Use a small stick to put through and attach wheels into the cart's body. Cut 1 more small paper stick and glue it at the head to make the cart's stand. 
easy Crafts Paper Flowers-cart

So you’done with the DIY crafts paper flowers cart. Changing the theme of flowers to make handmade gifts for your girlfriend on Valentine, Women’s Day, birthday is just cute, isn’t it? :> – Crafts Paper Flowers-cart.

Homemade Valentine Cards

No need of the expensive and complicated gifts for Valentine, you just need to some Valentine chocolates and a little cleverity to making yourself Homemade Valentine Card like this, your love will be surprising and full of happiness in Valentine’s Day.
Homemade Valentine Cards

Preparation: Hard colored paper to make the background, hard white paper to make the 3D letters, markers, ruler, paper-knife.

How to make a Homemade Valentine Card:
handmade Valentine cards
Step 1: Print or draw the form on the paper to get ready, the size is based on the size of the Handmade Valentine Card you want to make.
DIY Valentine gifts
Step 2: Cut along the lines, cut away the crossed, you may cut away the small heart inside or put in a sticker photo. The dash lines are the ones to make the 3D for the Handmade Valentine Card.
Homemade Valentine Cards
Step 3: Put the white paper in step 2 like in the picture to imagine the up 3D letters. Glue the down ones into the hard paper by the liquid glue or 2-sides glue. You can make the pattern for the Handmade Valentine Card if you want.
Handmade Valentine cards 2

So you’ve done with a Homemade Valentine Card for your love in the coming Valentine. When giving this Handmade Valentine Card, you can give also some small other gifts to decorate this card. So when opening this card, the decoration will appear to boost the 3D to make the card more lively. It can be showed on the shelve or a corner.
Homemade Valentine Cards 2

It’s no need buying presents for Valentine, isn’t it? A Handmade Valentine Card like this will definitely let your love show forever on her/ his corner, never close it again! – Simple Handmade Valentine Card.

Handmade necklace - Valentine gift for your love

Handmade necklaceChristmas, Valentine then Women’s Day is coming, how you can afford to your love’s presents!! You boys, why not make for your girlfriend the handmade gifts? Not only “cut down on money”, but handmade gift is also unique because it is very different, in addition, the handmade gift also brings the sincere of the giving.

In this topic, will show how to make a very simple bird’s nest shaped necklace. In only 3 steps with the easy acts, you can make a handmade gift for your girlfriend immediately.

Preparation for the Handmade necklace:
Handmade Valentine Gifts
Stone/ plastic seeds having a hole, small steel wire, pincers.

How to make this Handmade necklace:
Handmade necklace 1
Step 1: It’s very easy to do. Cut a steel wire with about 20-30cm long, put it through a plastic/ stone seed then roll it over.
Handmade Valentine Gifts 1
Step 2: Do the same with the 2nd seed, then roll the wire around the seed, then do with the 3rd seed, then roll over. Afterwards, roll both 3 seeds to make a bird’s nest.
Handmade necklace 2
Step 3: Cut 3 short wires, roll 3 sides to make the nest more beautiful and strong.
Handmade Valentine Gifts simple
This Handmade necklace having bird’s nest shape will fit with the metal necklaces and ropes, so you can easily find your favourite to make a complete necklace, which will be a gift for your love in Valentine, Tet holiday, Christmas, Women’s Day.. :>
Handmade necklace 3
So I’ve showed you how to make a Handmade necklace with 3 seeds. Up to your hobby, the size of the seed you have, you can do this with 2 or 4 seeds.. You can also make different kinds of seeds in a necklace like in the picture. It’ll be very impressive.
Handmade Valentine Gifts easy
You can also use the bronze wire to make the handmade necklace for your girlfriend.
Handmade necklace 4

Simple, creative but very unique. Making such a handmade gift giving your love in Valentine, Tet holiday, Christmas, Women’s Day... is the best.

www.easyDIYtoys – Handmade necklace – Valentine gift for your love.

Easy DIY Christmas Toy - Snow Globe

Easy DIY snow globe should be a great idea for your Christmas homemade toy collections, Christmas handmade gifts or even a Valentine gift if you convert it to a love-globe with love symbol inside.

Alright this is How to make an easy DIY Snowglobe for your Christmas:
easy diy Christmas toys
Preparations for making this DIY toy: Water, glass bottle, glitter, liquid glue, an animal or a Christmas tree or a cute item to make the center of handmade snowball.

easy homemade snow globe
Step 1: Stick the animal in the middle of bottle's cap.

easy diy snowglobe
Step 2: Put the glitter and water in the bottle.

simple homemade toys
Step 3: Border a line of glue around the lid of bottle to prevent water outside, cover the bottle (Notes: There’re some kinds of glue which are fast to be dry so you should cover it as soon as possible, otherwise it’s very hard to cover it).
Wait till glue is dry.

handmade toys
So we’ve made a handmade snowball toy for the coming Christmas.

easy homemade Xmas toy
You can make such this easy DIY toys with any water-resistant item that you can find.

Homemade Valentine Gifts
Ah, a snow globe with heats inside like this should be a very cute DIY toy for Valentine homemade gifts right ">

DIY snow globe bottle
DIY Christmas toys
Or make a homemade snowglobe yourself with a Christmas tree inside for your coming Xmas.

Homemade Xmas Toy
One more thing, why don't you make your own DIY snow globe collections which many interesting theme, many sides !! Simple, easy to make yet very low cost DIY toys idea :> - Easy DIY Christmas Toys.