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3 Most Simple Humming Tops

Tutorials for 3 Most Simple Humming Tops made from CD disk, marbles, plastic bottle caps.

Most Simple Humming Top

Details tutorials and how these simple humming tops works:

Easy DIY Toy Robot From Toothbrush

You can name these easy DIY toy robot ‘sweeping robots’, ‘naughty robots’ because with hundreds of legs - the tooth brush, it’ll run everywhere. This simple toy robot from motor is a science toy, also a toy that make your baby do exercise when keep it from running everywhere, as well as practice baby’s eyes. And the adult will be very interested because this robot from simple motor toy is very unique.

Preparations for making this Easy DIY Toy Robot From Toothbrush:

Easy DIY Toy Robot

+ 1 motor hanging a heavy thing which is eccentric on the spindle to make the vibration while rolling (you may stick the fan’s propellers from old toys and cut out to take 1 propeller, so when rolling, it’ll make the vibration for motor, toy robot).

+ 1 tooth-brush (the harder the better)

+ 1 A4 battery

+ Glue

+ Nippers

How to make a Easy DIY Toy Robot From Toothbrush:

Easy DIY Toy Robot From Toothbrush
Step 1: Use the nippers to cut the header of tooth-brush, then stick the battery on it.

Homemade science toy
Step 2: Continue sticking toy’s motor onto the battery.

Easy DIY Toy Robot for boy
Step 3: Cover 2 sides of the battery with the wire, remember to keep the wire long enough to stick into 2 sides of the battery.

handmade Easy DIY Toy Robot
Step 4: Glue 2 sides of motor’s wire into the battery. Now, your DIY Robot Toy's motor is going to roll.

Easy DIY Toy Robot 1
So we’ve done with the DIY science toy – handmade robot toy from motor, put it on a hard surface and let it run everywhere.

Easy DIY Toy Robot 2
You can also make other handmade science robot toys like this and watch their competition. Make sure that they won’t run uncontrollably and they’ll fight each other. You can also plus into it some IEDs to let it go to the dark. 

Let’s see how interesting this easy DIY robot toy is:

Other simple moving science toys:

Funny Swinging Monkey homemade toy
Funny Swinging Monkey homemade toy
Balancing Science Toy Cardboard Funny Clown
Balancing Science Toy Cardboard Funny Clown - Easy DIY Toy Robot From Toothbrush.

How To Make A DIY Toy Guitar From Paper Boxes

DIY Toy GuitarHandmade Paper Box Toy Guitar.
With the used boxes, you can make simple but funny DIY toys for your baby. Apart from the funny and interesting form, this DIY handmade guitar toy from paper box also sounds quite good, which can help your baby improve music sense. Let’s make this handmade guitar toy from paper box!

Materials for the DIY Toy Guitar from paper box:

handmade toys from paper boxes
1 cardboard box, 2 paper tubes, some big elastic band, 1 small piece of plastic to make the frets, some plastic/ bamboo sticks, paper-knife or saw.
How to make the DIY Toy Guitar from paper box:

DIY toys from paper boxes
Step 1: Use the paper-knife or saw to make a circle hole on the box (better off drawing the circle then cut it).

DIY paper toy guitar

Handmade toys from paper
Step 2: Turn to the next side, make a hole with the diameter as same as the cardboard tubes to make the handle of the DIY toy guitar. Then put the tube to make the handle of handmade guitar toy in it.

DIY toy guitar paper
Step 3: Cut along the tube into 2 ½ pieces.

handmade paper toys
Step 4: Glue this tube into the bottom of the DIY toy guitar, attach the plastic/ bamboo sticks to decorate.

How To Make A DIY Toy Guitar From Papaer Boxes
Step 5: Tie 2 sides of the band into 2 plastic sticks then pin into 2 sides of the guitar like in the picture to make the strings. Do the same with the other bands.

easy DIY paper toys
Step 6: Pin the plastic/ bamboo sticks into the handle of the DIY handmade toy guitar to make the sound control buttons.
Use the decal or color paper or you can draw on it to decorate your handmade guitar toy from paper box more lively.

More DIY toys from paper boxes here: 
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10 Ideas and Details Guides For Homemade Paper Toy Houses -  How To Make A DIY Toy Guitar From Papaer Boxes.

Homemade toy gun from wood and bamboo

This homemade toy gun is very easy to make and simple to play. The gun sounds clack when playing, which is quite funny. Here just show you how to make handmade gun toy from wood. However, you can create for yourself many other gun models nicer, stranger that you can think of such as: pistol toy, AK toy, the modern gun toy models.. If your baby under 3 years old, I suggest that you should make the short gun toy because it’ll be safer and easier to hold.

homemade wooden toy gun
How to make handmade toy gun from wood and bamboo: This handmade gun toy from wood and bamboo includes 2 parts: The body and the machine.

How to make the body: 

DIY wooden toy gun
+ Zoom out the picture in a big-sized paper, each square is 3cm long, so the length of the toy gun is 45cm.

+ Paste the picture on  the an about 2cm thick wooden board.

+ Use the saw to cut the gun along the picture. Use the punch or knife to cut the difficult corner, notice to cut the barrel and the stock roundly so that your baby will feel comfort when holding and more interested.

How to make the machine for homemade toy gun from wood: 

simple homemade wooden toy gun
The machine includes 2 parts: the saw-toothed wheel and the reed.

a/ The wheel: Draw a circle with the diameter 6cm into the wood 1cm thick. Divide the circle into 8 equal sides. Draw the saw-tooth 1cm deeper (a).

Stick a long pin (a nail) in 1 side of the wheel to make the handle for it.

b/ The reed: Choose a part of bamboo which still has the cover (bamboo splints), cut to take a part 6cm long, 2cm thick, 2cm wide. Sharpen the bamboo into the shape like in the picture, notice that the cover turns down (b).

When complete the parts, then fit them into the body of handmade gun toy. Stick the saw-toothed wheel into A point, the reed into B point. Put the reed to fit in the wheel. Then when the wheel’s rolling, the reed sounds clack, is OK. Add a small button into the barrel to make the foresight for your DIY wooden toy gun.

Now you can “shoot” clack clack with your baby with this simple handmade gun toy from wood.

Even more homemade toy gun:

Homemade Potato Air Toy Gun

Homemade Potato Air Toy Gun

Homemade Click - Clack Toy Gun

Homemade Click - Clack Toy Gun - Homemade toy gun from wood and bamboo.

Handmade humming top toys from CD boxes

DIY toys from CD boxes
Guide for making yourself a handmade humming top toy from CD boxes. With this homemade toys, you can do it yourself as well as ask baby to join in to improve the skills for them.

What you need to prepare to make a homemade humming top toy (spinning top toy):
A CD box, 1 plastic spoon in the milk box, 1 part of old point pen, wool rope, white paper, color pen, scissors.

How to make this handmade humming top toy ( spinning top toy):

Step 1:
Put the CD box on the white paper, draw a circle along the cd box, color and decorate it, then cut it along the circle line.

Make a hole in the middle of that circle, make many circles to replace while playing.

Step 2:
Put the part of point pen into the hole in the bottom of CD box, then nest the circle in Step 1 in it.

Step 3:
Cover the wool rope around the point pen.

Shoot the spoon up the pen and pull.
And finally, let’s see our DIY handmade humming ( spinning )  top toy swiveling.
You can make many others to have a competition and find which homemade humming top toy is swivel longer.
Or you can spin your DIY spinning top toy by hand without the spoon and wool rope.
Finally, all the parts of your homemade humming top toy can be kept in CD box, very convenient to take and play everywhere.

www.easyDIYtoys - How to make a DIY handmade humming top toys from CD boxes.

Easy DIY Toys - Homemade Fishing Toys

This topic will show you how to make a very easy diy toys for your kid. With the criteria of ‘’ that ‘Simple – Easy – Unique’, let’s do it yourself.
Easy DIY Toys

Preparation for this easy DIY fishing toy:
- Foam
- Fish-shaped paper from foam or cardboard.
- Stick from bamboo or wood
- 2 sides sticker
- Magnet
- Small bolts
- Parachute cord

How to make this easy DIY fishing toy:
easy diy handmade toys
Step 1: Notes: If you intend to make rods from bamboo, you needn’t paint it black cause those rods are very natural themselves.
Easy DIY fishing toy
Step 2: Tie the magnet into a parachute cord, you can also put small bolts into it. It will look better.
Easy diy toy guides
Step 3: Cut the foam/ cardboard paper into fishes, shrimps, crabs, starfishes… then decorate them and stick metal bolts to make eyes (this will stick in hooks_the magnet) or you can attach pins to make its mouth. This pin will also stick in the magnet while fishing.
guides foy DIY toys
Step 4: Finally, make a pond for the DIY fishing toys.

DIY easy fishing toys
Your babies will absolutely find this very interesting. These DIY handmade toys will improve the imagination, creativity and saving thoughts for your babies. - Easy DIY Fishing Toy.

4 Homemade paper kitchen toys for your babies

With the cardboard boxes, addition to some easy-to-find items and some simple steps then you will have handmade toys for your babies. Apart from making your child clever, communication skills while playing with such handmade toys will effectively improve imagination for your babies and you, too. Because making such a thing is very interesting and imaginative. Let’s start!

1. Handmade washing machine paper toys:

homemade paper kitchen toys

Preparations: Cardboard boxes, marker, coupe-papier, plastic cover, glue.
DIY kitchen toys

How to make:
DIY paper toys
Step 1: Draw a washing machine and its window on the surface of the box.

handmade kitchen toys
Step 2: Gash a circle inside, with the distance to machine’s window about 2-3 cm.

homemade paper toys
Step 3: Gash along the drawed circle , non-gash about 5cm to the right for making a hinges. Glue the plastic cover inside to make the machine’s glass window.

easy diy toys
Step 4: Glue the plastic, cut along paper circle.

handmade toys guides
It is done. Simple, easy to make but unique, isn’t it? The details on the homemade paper toy machine will be more lively by using color papers, stoplles.. stick on it.
Following is how to make handmade paper refrigerator, sink and kitchen for this handmade toy collection.

homamde kitchen toys

2. Homemade paper refrigerator toy:

handmade easy toys
Pick a big sized cardboard box, cut the front side into 2 windows, divide the refrigerator into 2 parts: freezer and cooler, stick the cardboard to make the floor, you can also make small parts on the window. Door handle may be handmade with ropes (like in the picture) or with 2 pieces of cardboard sticked in.

3. Homemade sink, vegetables for kitchen toy collection:

DIY toys for kid
Pick a cardboard box and make a circle hole on it, put a brass in to make a sink. Stick 3 stopples on the brass, 2 other in 2 sides are valves of hot and cold water; stick a small bottle or a small pipe on the middle stopple to make a tap. Decorate around it with washing foam, drainage basin bottle, or a handmade paper bracket. Cut the front side of the box into 2 doors. So we made it!

4. Homemade kitchen toy - paper stove:

homemade paper dollhuose
This item cannot be absent from the kitchen toys collection, can it?
The main thing is still a cardboard box.

Handmade stoves from old CDs; buttons from stopples sticked on plastic pieces and put on the stove. Then we’ve made lovely handmade stove.

You can also decorate to make them more interesting.
Cheer,!you’ve done the paper kitchen toys collections with the basic. Cause cardboard boxes are easy to find and create many other toys for babies, you should try imagining anything which can be your baby’s toys. The toys on sale may be not as interesting as these handmade things.

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www/EasyDIYtoys - Easy homemade toys.