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Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations

Halloween is coming. Any ideas for decorations? You absolutely come up with the Halloween ghosts, don’t you? Ghosts have their characters, too. Others ghosts very horrible while your ghosts are so funny. So you can make them cute and impressive. What are you waiting for? Let’s make some handmade Halloween Ghosts for decorations just from some ping-pong balls!

Ah, you ought to draw in your mind about the done ones. They’ll be like this:

Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations

Inspiring handmade Halloween decorations idea right, let’s make it!

Materials Preparation:
Handmade Halloween ghosts
  • Some ping-pong balls
  • White cloths
  • Milky glue
  • Scissors
  • Black markerSome small bulbs

How to make the Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations:

Handmade Halloween ghosts from ping-pong balls
Step 1: Use the marker to draw faces for the balls in order to make the ghosts have your favorite emotions. 

Handmade Halloween ghosts ping-pong balls
Step 2: You can hang the Halloween ghosts up to let it fly around the ceiling. In case you want them to fly along the grounds or on the desk, find an egg paper container, let it be up side down.
The ghosts’ bodies: Make the papers into the balls then stick them into the top of the egg container.

Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations 1

Handmade Halloween ghosts from ping-pong balls 1
Step 3: Make a hole on the ping-pong balls which can contain a bulb. 

Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations 2
Step 4: Use glue to stick these balls into the handmade Halloween ghosts’ bodies which were done in step 2. 

Handmade Halloween ghosts from ping-pong balls 2

Handmade Halloween ghosts 1
Step 5: Make a liquid with milky glue and water. Then put the small cloths in it. 

 ping-pong balls Handmade Halloween ghosts
Step 6: Put the done cloths on the balls. Grrr...We’re the ping-pong ghostsss!!! 

Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations 3
Wait for a little bit and we’ll have the ping-pong balls handmade Halloween ghosts. 

 ping-pong balls Handmade Halloween ghosts 1
Decorating the Halloween ghosts like this is very lovely, isn’t it?

Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations 4
And this is our handmade Halloween ghosts when we turn on the lights. ;>

Do these ghosts look unique? ^^ Why don’t you start making the ones like these? Using these Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations or as a lamp is also not bad idea, huh!
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www.easyDIYtoys - Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations.

Legend Of The Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers, which trace their roots to the culture of the Ojibwe, have grown in popularity in recent years. Let explore the Legend Of The Dreamcatcher, you must be very excited in this charm.
Legend Of The Dreamcatcher

A mong the unique cultures of each Native American or First Nations group are myths in association with supernatural powers of the universe. Charms are integral objects in the daily lives of many nations, used as protection from evil spirits, demons and bad omens in general. In the conceptions of the Ojibwe, one of the largest Native American peoples in the United States and Canada, the dark contains both the good dreams and the nightmares of humanity, all of which exert an impact on waking life. From their culture came the dream catcher, a charm hung on the bed to ward off nightmares and evil spirits in people's sleep. This Ojibwe charm has since spread all over the world; people still put their trust and faith in dream catchers.
In the legend, the original Ojibwe dreamcatcher were made of hollow wood. The hoop of a dream catcher represents the circle of life, progressing on a non-stop basis from day to night, the whirling of time without start or end. The hoop contains woven threads in a spiral direction from the edges towards the core and is decorated with various beads or feathers. Woven threads inside the hoop resemble a spider web so that only good dreams are able to go through the web while bad ones will be snared and stuck outside. The colorful beads and soft feathers are meant to make dreams smoother and softer. In some tribes, dream catchers are even stuck with an arrow to enhance their protective strength and energy.

Dream catchers were adopted over the years by New Age practitioners and have more recently spread to popular culture. Dream catchers became widely present in late 2011 and early 2012, inspired by Bella in the Twilight saga, who used a dream catcher to keep her nightmares away and retain her good dreams. In more recent months, after the Korean TV drama The Heirs hit the airwaves, Asian youngsters went mad over dream catchers. The dream catcher that main protagonist Kim Eun Sang gave to her sweetheart Kim Tan won the hearts of many girls with its romantic and sweet significance.

Legend Of The Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers are now not only seen as a protective charm but also as a fine ornament and meaningful gift. Some fans have even begun to learn the art of making homemade dream catchers, in the hope of producing sweet dreams for themselves and their loved ones according to the legend of the dreamcatcher. - Legend Of The Dreamcatcher.

What is Dreamcatcher?

What is DreamcatcherTo know what Dreamcatcher is, firstly, I’ll tell you a legend of Dreamcatcher which is very impressive and attractive. Dreamcatcher, simple translation is ‘The circle to catch the dreams’. It is an item to decorate the window, the same as the wind chime. The American Indian believe that at night, when you’re sleeping, the dreams will visit you. Of course there’re good dreams and bad ones. And of course, everybody want the good ones, nobody want to have bad dreams. So that the American Indian hang on a Dream catcher in the bedroom’s window, with the same shape as a net, so at night when the dreams visit you, the Dreamcatcher will not only allow the good ones go through but also hold the bad ones. And when the first lights of a new day appear, they’ll burn out all the bad dreams in the net.

So just having been told the legend that you feel like this lovely, uniqe Dreamcatcher with its legend, don’t you?

Just because being attracted by the beauty and the legend of the Dreamcatcher, nowadays people create it to be possible to bring along every where anytime, not only in the window. People create it into jewellery, fashion items, and so that you can bring along a soft story and also a wild style of the Red Indian.

nice dreamcatcher earing
 Dreamcatcher jewellery - Dream Catcher earing. 

beautiful dreamcatcher necklace
 Dreamcatcher necklace

dreamcatcher fashion
 Dreamcatcher fashion items

And this creation is based on each personal character. If you want stone or wood or shell, they’ll put it in your Dreamcatcher.

Till this point, if you ask me what Dreamcatcher is, the answer is Dreamcatcher is a window decorations, a jewellery, a fashion item and so on. You can see that the same point among them is very unique and attractive.

Ah, do you remember this scene?
what is a dreamcatcher design

This is the Dreamcatcher that Jacob gave Bella in Twilight. So, what is Dreamcatcher?.. It is an interesting gift, teen ;>

Now you know what Dreamcatcher is and its variations. You are attracted, aren’t you? In next topics, I’ll show you detail guide on how to make a simple Dreamcatcher, and there are also many lovely Dreamcatcher designs for you to have some ideas to make for yourself a handmade Dreamcatcher. -  What is Dreamcatcher.

Homemade cute belt from Lego toy pieces

Homemade cute belt from Lego toy piecesSimple DIY belt form Lego pieces; Homemade Lego toy Costumes

This topic will show you how to turn these normal belts:
DIY Lego toy belt

Into super cute homemade thing with Lego style, like this:
Handmade Lego Toy things

How to make your homemade belt with Lego toy pieces:
Simple homemade lego belt
Stick the Lego background into a soft plastic piece or 2 sides sticker..or anything has similar material (you should cut it smaller than Lego one, then it will be better).

easy DIY lego toy
Glue the other side of the plastic piece

how to make diy things from lego
Similar to Lego characters that you want to use to make your homemade Lego belts.

homemade lego toy things 1
Stick the done ones on the belts.

Our Result:
easy diy toy belt lego
You can make this homemade Lego toy belt with any Lego characters or Lego items that absorb your kid.
simple things from lego pieces
Just for fun :) .. or may be from this picture, you can come up with another ideas for your DIY homemade costumes from Lego toy pieces. - Easy homemade belt from Lego toy pieces.