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Homemade Valentine Cards

No need of the expensive and complicated gifts for Valentine, you just need to some Valentine chocolates and a little cleverity to making yourself Homemade Valentine Card like this, your love will be surprising and full of happiness in Valentine’s Day.
Homemade Valentine Cards

Preparation: Hard colored paper to make the background, hard white paper to make the 3D letters, markers, ruler, paper-knife.

How to make a Homemade Valentine Card:
handmade Valentine cards
Step 1: Print or draw the form on the paper to get ready, the size is based on the size of the Handmade Valentine Card you want to make.
DIY Valentine gifts
Step 2: Cut along the lines, cut away the crossed, you may cut away the small heart inside or put in a sticker photo. The dash lines are the ones to make the 3D for the Handmade Valentine Card.
Homemade Valentine Cards
Step 3: Put the white paper in step 2 like in the picture to imagine the up 3D letters. Glue the down ones into the hard paper by the liquid glue or 2-sides glue. You can make the pattern for the Handmade Valentine Card if you want.
Handmade Valentine cards 2

So you’ve done with a Homemade Valentine Card for your love in the coming Valentine. When giving this Handmade Valentine Card, you can give also some small other gifts to decorate this card. So when opening this card, the decoration will appear to boost the 3D to make the card more lively. It can be showed on the shelve or a corner.
Homemade Valentine Cards 2

It’s no need buying presents for Valentine, isn’t it? A Handmade Valentine Card like this will definitely let your love show forever on her/ his corner, never close it again! – Simple Handmade Valentine Card.