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Drawing Yourself 20 Very Simple Animal Pics

Details guide for Drawing Yourself  20 Very Simple Animal Pics, just like pig; camel; sheep; elephant; monkey; dog; milk cow; rabbit; mouse; tiger; squirrel; porcupine; lion; zebra; giraffe; hippopotamus; panther; deer.

Drawing Yourself Simple Animal pig Pics
1. Drawing Yourself Simple Pic

Drawing Simple Animal Camel pics
2. Guide for drawing a camel

Drawing Simple Animal Sheep pics
3. Drawing A Sheep

Drawing Simple Animal Elephant pics
4. Details guide for drawing an simple elephant

Drawing Simple Animal Monkey pics
5. Draw yourself a monkey

Drawing Simple Animal Dog pics
6. Drawing a simple dog

Drawing Simple Animal Milk Cow pics
7. Draw a milk cow

Drawing Simple Animal Rabbit pics
8. Guide for drawing a rabbit

Drawing Simple Animal Mouse pics
9. Guide to draw a simple mouse

Drawing Simple Animal Tiger pics
10. Drawing a simple tiger

Drawing Simple Animal Dog pics
11. Details guides for drawing a dog

Drawing Simple Animal Elephant pics
12. Guide to draw an elephant

Drawing Simple Animal Squirrel pics
13. Drawing a squirrel

Drawing Simple Animal Porcupine pics
14. Guide to draw a porcupine

Drawing Simple Animal Lion pics
15. Draw a lion

Drawing Simple Animal Zebra pics
16. Guide to draw a zebra

Drawing Simple Animal Giraffe pics
17. Drawing a simple giraffe pic

Drawing Simple Animal Hippopotamus pics
18. Draw a simple hippopotamus pic

Drawing Simple Animal Panther pics
19. Guide for drawing a panther

Drawing Simple Animal Deer pics
20. Details guide for drawing a simple deer pic

Homemade Remote Control Tank

Homemade Remote Control  Toy Tank - DIY Ideas -

A guy name Upuaza Touryou recently posted on NicoNico Douga, a web page from Japan a clip on a remote control toy tank that he made it himself from Amazon cardboard carton box. It is a Type 97 Chi-ha, a tank model used in Japan royal military in 1930 - 1940.

Homemade Remote Control Toy Tank

This DIY toy tank is being made from cardboard and a TAMIYA motor set.

Let's check out how he made his homemade Remote Control Toy Tanks and it's amazing operation in this clip: - Homemade Remote Control toy Tank.

Handmade Danbo from wooden sticks

You’re very keen on the Danbo robots but you cannot afford the price of a "real" Danbo? Do not give up! Just do with this instruction of making handmade Danbo from wooden sticks (crafts stick, ice cream stick) and then make for yourself how many you want. Cause it’s handmade thing so you can create its emotion which is up to you.

Preparation for Handmade Danbo from wooden sticks:

- Wooden sticks/ sticks in the ice cream/ crafts sticks.

- Paper-knife, marker, ruler.

- Strong glue, soft sandpaper, polish oil, scissors, paint.

How to make Handmade Danbo from wooden sticks
Step 1:
Cut 10 crafts sticks with 8.5cm long and 6 sticks with 3.5cm long, then use the glue to stick it with each other into a piece like in the picture.
Step 2:
Put those pieces together and use the marker to draw eyes, noses to make the head for your handmade Danbo. (In this step, if you know how to set up a LED inside the Danbo’s head, it’ll be incredible).
Step 3:
- Cut more 8 sticks with 5cm long then stick them together by glue to make the body for handmade Danbo.
- Cut another 4 sticks to cover the below body, then glue it.

Step 4:
Cut 4 crafts sticks with 5.5cm long to make the arms for Danbo.
And 4 sticks with 4cm long to make the legs then use the glue to stick these pieces together into a shape.
Stick more 2 thin wooden pieces into 2 sides of arm and leg.
This is the body with arms and legs of a complete handmade Danbo.

Step 5:

Stick the parts of the robot with each other into the posture you want.

Use the sandpaper to make the sides more smooth, then swept a little oil on the robot to make it more long-lasting and beautiful. Let it be dry.
You can also make a handmade sole to put the Danbo robot on it, like in the picture.

So you’ve done with a Handmade Danbo from wooden sticks which is very simple and cheap but quite unique :> 

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