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Crafts Decorations - Handmade Paper Cup Light

With the easy-to-find paper-cups, a wire for decoration which can be bought in any store, you can make for yourself beautiful handmade series of lights to make your room look more lively. With this Handmade paper-glass lights, you can decorate Christmas , new year party, birthday party, Halloween… depending on each decoration theme, you can comfortably make different lights with different patterns.
Crafts Decorations

Preparations: Small paper-cups, patterned paper with the theme you want to make your Handmade paper-cups lights string (Christmas, new year party, birthday party, Halloween.. decorations), 1 needle /nail and a light wire.

How to make Handmade paper-cup lights: 
Handmade Paper Cup Light
Step 1: Cut the patterned paper and glue it, then decorate the cup.
Crafts Decorations
Step 2: Use the needle/ nail to make a hole on the glass for the light to go through. Here, you can make holes with a theme you want your crafts decorations lights string to be.

Handmade Paper Cup Light
Step 3: Make a plus-shaped hole (+) on the bottom of the cup to put the bulbs into. 

Crafts Decorations 2

So you’ve done with handmade paper-cup lights for Christmas , new year party, birthday party, Halloween or any holidays. Or you can simply make such crafts decorations handmade series of lights to make your room warmer.

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Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations
Handmade Halloween ghosts for decorations - Handmade Paper Cup Light for Crafts Decorations.

Easy DIY Christmas Toy - Snow Globe

Easy DIY snow globe should be a great idea for your Christmas homemade toy collections, Christmas handmade gifts or even a Valentine gift if you convert it to a love-globe with love symbol inside.

Alright this is How to make an easy DIY Snowglobe for your Christmas:
easy diy Christmas toys
Preparations for making this DIY toy: Water, glass bottle, glitter, liquid glue, an animal or a Christmas tree or a cute item to make the center of handmade snowball.

easy homemade snow globe
Step 1: Stick the animal in the middle of bottle's cap.

easy diy snowglobe
Step 2: Put the glitter and water in the bottle.

simple homemade toys
Step 3: Border a line of glue around the lid of bottle to prevent water outside, cover the bottle (Notes: There’re some kinds of glue which are fast to be dry so you should cover it as soon as possible, otherwise it’s very hard to cover it).
Wait till glue is dry.

handmade toys
So we’ve made a handmade snowball toy for the coming Christmas.

easy homemade Xmas toy
You can make such this easy DIY toys with any water-resistant item that you can find.

Homemade Valentine Gifts
Ah, a snow globe with heats inside like this should be a very cute DIY toy for Valentine homemade gifts right ">

DIY snow globe bottle
DIY Christmas toys
Or make a homemade snowglobe yourself with a Christmas tree inside for your coming Xmas.

Homemade Xmas Toy
One more thing, why don't you make your own DIY snow globe collections which many interesting theme, many sides !! Simple, easy to make yet very low cost DIY toys idea :> - Easy DIY Christmas Toys.

7 ways of how to make a homemade Christmas trees

Christmas is coming, let’s make some homemade decorations to make our space warmer. And in the decorations, Christmas trees is definitely the most important, right?
But the Xmas trees on sale are very popular, neither unique nor special. Why don’t you look around these instructions of how to make a homemade Christmas trees below. You will be absolutely feel excited and choose for yourself a way to make a suitable handmade Xmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Trees
1. This DIY Christmas tree is the easiest to make:
Take zinc or copper wire (not too hard to make) cover around a triangular pyramid sold in the handmade stores or you can do that with a birthday hat/ Christmas hat in the bookshops or bakeries. Then take that triangular pyramid out. It’s done for the first handmade Christmas tree.

How to make handmade Xmas tree
2. This Crafts Christmas tree is made by wrap the ropes around an triangular pyramid shaped item or a birthday hat, then glue all the ropes, wait till it totally dry (or you can put all the ropes into glue then wrap, learn more about this here: How to make handmade spiderweb). Then take that triangular pyramid out. Don’t forget to decorate snowflakes, stars, lights.. for your handmade Xmas tree.

Making Crafts Christmas tree
3. This homemade Christmas tree is made from ribbon, buttons or any items which can be put the ribbon through and look okay. These handmade Christmas trees can only be made in small size cause if it’s too big, ribbons will be down, so you should make the Christmas trees like these to hang on and decorate everywhere.

How to make homemade Xmas Tree
4. The kind of net used to make this Christmas tree is quite hard to find, but as I see, when light it up it’s so beautiful that I’ve decided to show you how to make this homemade Christmas decorations, as long as you find that net. You can use thick net to wrap around a triangular-pyramid thing then glue it.. like the second way to make Xmas tree, or simply you can wrap plastic net around to make a Christmas tree. It’s done!

DIY handmade Christmas Decorations
5. This is also an easy way to make a crafts Christmas tree . Wrap the ropes around triangular-pyramid things or birthday hats, glue the top and the bottom and hang the decoration on.

6. This is called Christmas tree because using it for Christmas decorations is beautiful and suitable, or you can show it in your home as a normal decoration. Apart from this color of bottle, you can use any color you like. The difficulty of this is making a hole on the bottle to put the wire through. But it’s OK, you can put the wire through the head of bottle, then when you show it, put that side to where nobody see. Or you can tie the ropes to hang it on to make handmade lamp, it’s alright. And the wire will go along the rope so your  homemade Xmas tree will look better.
Ah.. I guess that nobody will notice this too much :< Let’s go for the next.

DIy homemade Christmas Trees from old books
7. How to make a homemade Christmas tree from old books. Find an old thick book, draw and use paper-knife to cut like in the picture. Then roll to the behind of the book. So you have a handmade Christmas tree from old books.
Hope that you will choose for yourself a way to make a handmade Christmas tree among these. Or at least, you can come up with some ideas for your own crafts Christmas tree.
Wish you a Merry Christmas! - 7 ways of  how to make a homemade Christmas trees.

Christmas decorations with handmade snowman

If you are interested in handmade DIY Christmas decorations, you cannot pass this lovely snowman. This simple handmade snowman will bring a little cold of winter snow as well as a little warm with cute handmade shawl. In addition, this handmade Christmas toy is made from milk bottles, so we can say that you are joining the movement of recycling rubbish to protect the environment :)

DIY christmas snowman
Look at this! Handmade snowman for Christmas decorations will be very exciting. Let’s start!
Preparations for making our homemade snowman:

Handmade Christmas decoration
Milk bottles like the ones in the picture (such as Fristi, Proby, Yakult..), soft paper_any colors you like to make winter hat, 1 piece of red cloths, 1 piece of red paper, scissors, marker.
How to make Handmade Snowman for Christmas decorations from milk bottles:
Step 1:
Homemade snowman
DIY handmade snowman
Make a hat for the DIY handmade snowman: ruck the paper into rectangular, put a part of it in the bottle, wrap the rest around the orifice.

Step 2:
DIY Christmas toys
DIY snowman christmas
Homemade snowman xmas
Use a screwdriver or a metal stick to make a hole right at snowman’s nose. Then roll the red paper to make a nose like in the picture, stick it in the done hole. So we’ve made the nose for him.
Step 3:
handmade snowman for Christmas
Use marker to draw eyes, mouth and buttons or you can find some small plastic buttons to make it more lively. Wrap the red cloths to make a scarf.
Well, we’ve made a homemade snowman toy for warmer Christmas. A handmade DIY Christmas decorations like this is very simple, hardly expensive but very interesting, isn’t it? - how to make DIY snowman for Christmas Decoration.