2 in 1 Homemade Water Gun for Summer Water War

Guide for how to make yourself a 2 in 1 Homemade Water Gun, a most exciting DIY toy gun  for your Summer Water War.

Here is how your water gun look like:

2 in 1 Homemade Water Gun

Main materials for the homemade water gun: A ball pen, an empty shampoo bottle with the bump-cap, some small water pipe, a can:

Homemade Water Gun

2 in 1 Homemade Water Gun 1

Details guide for how to make a homemade water gun:

Option 1 ( Mini water gun ):

Homemade Water Toy Gun

Homemade Water Gun 1
1.1 Cut 1 piece from the ball pen inner, stick on some glue, note that do not stick glue to the holes.

Homemade Water Toy Gun 1

2 in 1 Homemade Water Gun 2
1.2 Stick the pen inner to the pen-head, cut away the top to make the barrel.

Homemade Water Gun 2
1.3 Cut a part of the pen outer, insert the barrel made in step 1.2 in.

Homemade Water Toy Gun 4

Homemade Water Gun 3
1.4 On the top op the shampoo's cap, bore a hole which the size that fit the pen inner.

2 in 1 Homemade Water Gun 3
1.5 Insert your water gun barrel in.

Homemade Water Gun 4
You've finished making yourself the 1st option of the homemade water gun. 

Option 2 ( Machine water gun ):

Homemade Water Gun 5
2.1 Release the cap from the shampoo bottle, insert your water pipe in 1 end.

2 in 1 Homemade Water Gun 5
2.2 Bore 2 hole on the can's cap. Insert the left end of the pipe in.

Homemade Water Gun 6
 Here is the 2nd option of your water gun.

Check this clip out for how your 2 in 1 homemade water gun now ready for the summer water war:

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