Handmade humming top toys from CD boxes

DIY toys from CD boxes
Guide for making yourself a handmade humming top toy from CD boxes. With this homemade toys, you can do it yourself as well as ask baby to join in to improve the skills for them.

What you need to prepare to make a homemade humming top toy (spinning top toy):
A CD box, 1 plastic spoon in the milk box, 1 part of old point pen, wool rope, white paper, color pen, scissors.

How to make this handmade humming top toy ( spinning top toy):

Step 1:
Put the CD box on the white paper, draw a circle along the cd box, color and decorate it, then cut it along the circle line.

Make a hole in the middle of that circle, make many circles to replace while playing.

Step 2:
Put the part of point pen into the hole in the bottom of CD box, then nest the circle in Step 1 in it.

Step 3:
Cover the wool rope around the point pen.

Shoot the spoon up the pen and pull.
And finally, let’s see our DIY handmade humming ( spinning )  top toy swiveling.
You can make many others to have a competition and find which homemade humming top toy is swivel longer.
Or you can spin your DIY spinning top toy by hand without the spoon and wool rope.
Finally, all the parts of your homemade humming top toy can be kept in CD box, very convenient to take and play everywhere.

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